Review of Transparent Season 3: transcendent transgressions

Review of Transparent Season 3: transcendent transgressions

After watching three seasons of Transparent, I find myself envying the Jews. The transgressions of the self absorbed, upper middle class Californian-Jewish Pfefferman clan makes my own dysfunctional family seem so excruciatingly banal that I'm wishing I could wallow in all that Jewish trauma. Which is perverse of course, and that to me is the attraction of Transparent.

Japanese Australian Identity in the Asian Australian Context: report on Mobilities, 5th Asian Australian Studies Research Network Conference, 2015 (Photo by Nikki Lam)

Photo by Nikki Lam

The most encouraging aspect of the conference was that diversity was a reality and a given, not an ideal or a promise. I was among Asian Australians of many colours and ages sharing ideas about the meaning of diaspora, hybridity, diversity and faith, transnationalism, mobilities, gender, art.

Review of Yasukichi Murakami: Through A Distant Lens by Mayu Kanamori: links to our past re-remembered

I’ve read Japanese-Australian history, important works by historians Yuriko Nagata or Neville Meaney. But Mayu’s Yasukichi was my first encounter with a real person who was one of the early Japanese settlers, albeit dead now, but his ghost appears in the show. It made history personally relevant.