Independent writer and award winning audio producer  based in Sydney, Australia. Previously, Japanese and English bilingual radio and print news journalist in Tokyo and Sydney working for major Japanese, Australian and American news organisations.

My articles, commentaries, essays and reviews have been published in a international print and online publications, including RadioDoc Review, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Griffith Review, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website.

In 2014, my first work of fiction was published in Australia.

In 2018, I began a collaborative project with the creative audio producer and writer Natalie Kestecher called Strange and Beautiful Things, where we curate, create, showcase creative audio, stories and bits and pieces that we think, are strange and beautiful.

Currently, I’m working on a documentary for ABC RN’s Earshot about Japanese pop culture’s influence in Australia, an audio series about multilingualism with Sheila Pham, developing a podcast about ageing and sexuality, and working on an audio storytelling app called Cowra Voices.

With John, Catherine, Amanda and Splodge near Cowra, NSW, September, 2018 Photo by Mayu Kanamori