Award winning radio documentary and podcast producer. I make audio features and documentaries on a range of subjects including social history, health and social issues, religion and spirituality, culture, design, food. A few examples:

The Noteworthy Project, Podcast (5 parts) with Sydney based writers, artists, musicians, actors available online at PERIL, 2020

Our time of crisis and isolation brought about by Covid-19 has shed light on the importance of artists in our society. Art can bring people closer together: inspiring, soothing, illuminating. Responding to themes of recovery and resilience as a result of the pandemic, The Noteworthy Project commissioned Sydney writers, musicians, illustrators, voice actors and a podcast producer to create new and diverse collaborative works.

Tongue Tied and Fluent, Audio Documentary Series (5 parts), Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation), November-December, 2019

Exploring Australia through the many languages we speak, co-produced with Sheila Pham. Millions of Australians speak hundreds of languages other than English, yet as a nation we have a frustratingly monolingual mindset that denies our multilingual reality. We’re mostly on board with multiculturalism now, but we’re nowhere near there yet with multilingualism. What are the implications for families raising their children in other languages at home? How does the monolingual mindset affect our school system and language education? Is it possible for languages to be maintained beyond a few generations? This series won an international award – ABU/UNESCO Together for Peace Radio Award, 2021.

Cowra Voices, Audio Storytelling App, August, 2019

Cowra Voices storytelling app was launched on August 3, 2019 as part of the 75th anniversary commemorations of the Cowra Breakout. Cowra Voices project is based in the Central West region of NSW, Australia, and its main aim was to link people and places with a geo-locative app, exploring Cowra’s unique story of civic peace and reconciliation. Cowra Voices was recognised by three awards in 2020: Winner of the Oral History NSW Community History Award 2020; Honorable Mention in the History Council NSW Awards 2020; Highly Commended the in National Trust Heritage Awards 2020

Mad for Manga Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation), October, 2018

Once considered nerdy, Japanese pop culture like manga and anime is now big in Australia. What’s the appeal?

Too many Asians? Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) November, 2017

Most selective high schools that cherry pick academic high achievers have a large percentage of Asian Australian students. This trend is most obvious in NSW, which has a disproportionately large number of selective schools and programs. And there’s now a heated public debate—are public schools for gifted and talented students becoming too ethnically segregated?

Late Life Sex, Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) December, 2016

Most of us don’t like to associate old age with sexuality. After all, sexy is wrinkle free and dewy skinned, full of vigour, hard in the right places, perky in others. But this is a myth perpetrated by ageism. In fact, as we live longer and healthier, sexuality and intimacy may become more important to older people. This program was recognised by three media awards in 2017: OPSO (Older People Speak Out) Media Awards 2017, winner of Best Feature (metropolitan); United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Awards 2017, Special Commendation, Promotion of Empowerment of Older People Category; MACA (Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing NSW) Media Awards 2017

From the Pearlers to the Bankers: The History of Japanese-Australians, Social History Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC Radio National (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  February, 2015

The first Japanese migrants came to Australia in the 19th century, yet most contemporary Japanese-Australians admit that they know very little about these early settlers. Has the violence of World War II somehow caused this collective amnesia? A personal and sometimes painful history of the Japanese people in Australia. This program won the Gold Trophy at the 2015 New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs, History Documentary Section.

Will Kate Survive Kate? Radio Documentary, 360 Documentaries on ABC Radio National, 2013, 2014

A portrayal of a woman living with Anorexia Nervosa, and her family. This program won the Gold Trophy at the 2014 New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs, Human Interest Documentary section, shortlisted for the Radio Creative Feature category at the AIB Awards 2014  (Association of International Broadcasting) and was reviewed in RadioDoc Review Issue Volume 1, Issue 2 (scholarly journal critiquing radio documentary making).