Radio documentary and podcast producer. I make audio features and documentaries on a range of subjects including social history, health and social issues, religion and spirituality, culture, design, food. A few examples:

The Sydney Modern Project, Audio Documentary, In the Studio on BBC World Service, February, 2023

Sydney’s main public art museum, the Art Gallery of NSW, recently completed Sydney Modern, a massive expansion project ten years in the making. Almost doubling the existing exhibition space, the new building was designed by the Pritzker Architecture Prize winning Japanese firm SANAA. Executive Producer: Rebecca Armstrong.

Snapshots, Audio Documentary, The History Listen on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation), November, 2022

Lost or forgotten photos are often sources for a conspicuous genre of art and storytelling. Untethered from their original contexts, they seduce us with the promise of an unfolding mystery — ‘who’s in the photo; how did it end up lost?’. Two Asian Australian artists, Mayu Kanamori and William Yang use old photos to explore their histories. But does it matter that their stories might diverge from the truth? Sound Engineer: Isabella Tropiano; Supervising Producer: Ros Bluett. Photo: Untitled.Showa collection of photographs by unknown photographers, photo by Mayu Kanamori

My Bilingual Family, Podcast (6 episodes), SBS (Special Broadcasting Service), February-March, 2022

Raising children bilingually in English–dominant countries requires persistence and resourcefulness, especially if your mother language is not widely spoken. But it’s worth the effort because the benefits for kids are immeasurable. My Bilingual Family is hosted by Dr Elaine Laforteza. Co-produced with Sheila Ngoc Pham. This series won a bronze award at the Australian Podcast Awards 2022 in the Parenting Podcasts category, and a bronze in the Signal Awards in the Family and Parenting category as well as the Listeners’ Choice award.

The Noteworthy Project, DARTS, Peril, November, 2020

“Our time of crisis and isolation brought about by Covid-19 has shed light on the importance of artists in our society. Art can bring people closer together: inspiring, soothing, illuminating. Responding to themes of recovery and resilience as a result of the pandemic, The Noteworthy Project commissioned Sydney writers, musicians, illustrators, voice actors and a podcast producer to create new and diverse collaborative works.” I was the audio producer and sound designer on this project.

Tongue Tied and Fluent, Audio Documentary Series (5 parts), Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation), November-December, 2019

Exploring Australia through the many languages we speak, co-produced with Sheila Ngoc Pham. Millions of Australians speak hundreds of languages, yet as a nation we have a frustratingly monolingual English mindset that denies our multilingual reality. Sound Engineer: Andrei Shabunov; Executive Producer: Claudia Taranto. This series won an international award – ABU/UNESCO Together for Peace Radio Award, 2021.

Cowra Voices, Audio Storytelling App, August, 2019

Cowra Voices storytelling app was launched on August 3, 2019 as part of the 75th anniversary commemorations of the Cowra Breakout. Cowra Voices is Winner of the Oral History NSW Community History Award 2020; received an Honorable Mention in the History Council NSW Awards 2020; was Highly Commended the in National Trust Heritage Awards 2020. Created by Nikkei Australia, with Mayu Kanamori, Chie Muraoka, Jacque Schultze. I was the audio producer and sound designer on this project.

Mad for Manga, Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation), October, 2018

For many young Australians today, Pikachu feels more familiar than Mickey Mouse. Japanese comics or manga, and its animated cousin anime, now have legions of fans – Japanese pop culture conventions can pull in over 20,000 attendees on any weekend, something unheard of even a decade ago. Sound Engineer: Mark Don; Supervising Producer: Claudia Taranto

Too many Asians? Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) November, 2017

Most selective high schools that cherry pick academic high achievers have a large percentage of Asian Australian students. Are public schools for gifted and talented students becoming too ethnically segregated? Sound Engineer: Marty Peralta; Supervising Producer: Claudia Taranto

Late Life Sex, Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) December, 2016

Sound Engineer: Russell Stapleton; Supervising Producer: Kerry Stewart

This program was recognised by three awards: OPSO (Older People Speak Out) Media Awards 2017, winner of Best Feature (metropolitan); United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Awards 2017, Special Commendation, Promotion of Empowerment of Older People Category; MACA (Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing NSW) Media Awards 2017

Sacred Bath, Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC RN (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) May, 2016
By Design: Japanese Baths

Bathing, immersion, scrubbing, sprinkling, dunking and anointing. Water purification is embedded in our culture – as part of the healing process, a rite of passage in death and in rebirth. Many of these practices, like baptism have important religious implications, but even mundane everyday showering and bathing can become a ritual that’s good for the soul. Sound Engineer: Andrei Shabunov

From the Pearlers to the Bankers: The History of Japanese-Australians, Social History Radio Documentary, Earshot on ABC Radio National (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  February, 2015
Kei and Nick Fukui in 1969

The first Japanese migrants came to Australia in the 19th century, yet most Japanese-Australians admit that they know very little about these early settlers. Has the violence of World War II somehow caused this collective amnesia? Sound Engineer: Andrei Shabunov; Supervising Producer: Ros Bluett

This program won the Gold Trophy at the 2015 New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs, History Documentary Section.

Will Kate Survive Kate? Radio Documentary, 360 Documentaries on ABC Radio National, 2013, 2014

A portrayal of a woman living with Anorexia Nervosa, and her family. Sound Engineer: Timothy Nicastri; Supervising Producer: Claudia Taranto

This program won the Gold Trophy at the 2014 New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs, Human Interest Documentary section, was shortlisted for the Radio Creative Feature category at the AIB Awards 2014  and was reviewed in RadioDoc Review Issue Volume 1, Issue 2.

Madame Butterfly Effect, Radio Eye, ABC Radio National, 2008

What is it about white men who can only contemplate an relationship with an Asian woman? Are western men who crave a relationship with a serene, beautiful, passive, submissive version of the feminine ideal, sick and perverted? A frank but humorous investigation of a syndrome that might be an obsession. Sound Engineer: Steven Tilley; Supervising Producer: Natalie Kestecher