Seminar about working with multiple languages, Oral History NSW, History Matters, June, 2021

I presented a seminar about working in multiple languages for Oral History NSW, with Indigenous language educators Jasmine Seymour and Rhiannon Wright.

“This continent has a multilingual history that is many millennia old, yet much of our current historical practice continues to centre English and reflects a monolingual mindset. In this session, we will hear from practitioners working with multiple languages. As audio storytellers and Indigenous language educators, the presenters discuss ways through which to value linguistic diversity and develop a fuller and more inclusive understanding of Australia‚Äôs multilingual past and present. History Matters is regular series of seminars presented by Oral History NSW and the Professional Historians Association (NSW & ACT) and hosted by the State Library of NSW.”

Timecodes: 00:00 – Intro – Rachel Franks (State Library of NSW)

01:39 – Maria Savvidis (Oral History NSW)

04:15 – Masako Fukui

23:32 – Jasmine Seymour & Rhiannon Wright

45:00 – Q&A

Other History Matters seminars are available here.

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