Review of Drama-Sutra by Nautanki Theatre: Indian and Chindian stories

All our stories belong to all Australians. All our stories should have equal value. That's why these three plays by South Asian diaspora playwrights Sonal Moore, Kevin Bathman and Roanna Gonsalves are so precious, and resonated with me.

Japanese Australian Identity in the Asian Australian Context: report on Mobilities, 5th Asian Australian Studies Research Network Conference, 2015 (Photo by Nikki Lam)

Photo by Nikki Lam

The most encouraging aspect of the conference was that diversity was a reality and a given, not an ideal or a promise. I was among Asian Australians of many colours and ages sharing ideas about the meaning of diaspora, hybridity, diversity and faith, transnationalism, mobilities, gender, art.

Review of Yasukichi Murakami: Through A Distant Lens by Mayu Kanamori: links to our past re-remembered

I’ve read Japanese-Australian history, important works by historians Yuriko Nagata or Neville Meaney. But Mayu’s Yasukichi was my first encounter with a real person who was one of the early Japanese settlers, albeit dead now, but his ghost appears in the show. It made history personally relevant.